Nelson Goodman considers that the only way we can know the world is by crafting versions of it. According to Goodman, knowledge of the world is not an immediate experience, but a process of construction in which human beings actively participate through science and art. These processes are essential as forms of discovery, creation, and knowledge that connect us to the world through symbolic systems.

During the design process of a new product these systems help us to define the attributes from which the object will be related emotionally to the final user.

Aro Lamp  ︎︎︎Estiluz   © Jordi Anguera

Drawing from a passage by George Eliot, Sara Ahmed situates the foot in relation to the rest of the body, and how it acquires the duty to serve it by becoming useful, in a supportive manner, sustaining the other members of the body to keep us standing.

A principle from which we conceived Alba, a lighting system that, as if it was a ring, allows the screen to slide smoothly through different structures, enabling the user to orient them.

Its extremely versatile character allows the system to be used in different spaces, enabling indirect general illumination or a more focused one.

Aro Lamp  ︎︎︎Estiluz   © Elad Gonen

The system is not defined by a single form but it could be adapted, allowing multiple configurations that determine its identity.